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Sniffing a Hand

Instructions for Placing an Order

If you're running a business in the pet sector and have a current ABN, you can establish an account with us. Please register on our website here.

For individual consumers, you can puchase our products via some of the best pet supplies stores and online retailers across Australia. If you need our recommendations, please contact us.

Orders can be submitted through the following methods:

+61 3 97919996


"The order quantity has a minimum order quantity requirement and needs to meet the sales unit, that is, the quantity ordered must be a multiple of the sales unit. For example, if the sales unit is 6, then the order quantity should be 6, 12, 18, etc., which are multiples of 6."

There is a minimum order requirement of $500 excluding GST. This is because bulk ordering is generally more cost-effective for our customers, especially when it comes to shipping. If the minimum order value is not met, we apply a certain handling fee. For any assistance with your order or suggestions for products, feel free to reach out to us.

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