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Hamlet Chicken Coop

The Hamlet Chicken Coop Dual-Level Chicken Coop ensures safety, shelter, and a spacious home envi...

Hamlet Chicken Coop

SKU: K205M


Special Features: The chicken coop has an extra deep design that provides your chickens with more space to move and forage. Weather Protection: Equipped with a waterproof asphalt roof, the coop effectively shields against different weather conditions. Raised Structure: It's raised off the ground to reduce drafts and to protect the wood from damage. Easy Accessibility: The coop has a top opening for easy access and maintenance. Private Laying Space: It offers a private laying box, giving your chickens a peaceful environment to lay their eggs. Functional Design: The coop's access door can also function as a ramp, allowing easy entry and exit for your chickens. This also helps safeguard them from predators. Durability: With its robust wood and iron wire construction, this coop is designed to last.


Dimensions: The chicken coop measures 195.80 x 81 x 120.9cm in size. Materials: The coop is built with long-lasting wood and iron wire, ensuring durability and resistance against the elements. Pack Contents: The package includes a complete two-storey chicken coop.

Care Instructions

Regularly clean the coop to ensure the health and hygiene of your chickens. Keep an eye on the wood and iron wire structure over time for any signs of wear or damage that might need repair or replacement. This chicken coop is suitable for chickens.

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